How To Use Organic Marketing To Grow A 6 Figure Business
Written by Sabah Ali on Nov. 17th 2019
The way the world is gravitating towards the online space, makes it very easy for pre-existing business owners and people who want to start a business to grow without any capital.

If you’re a business owner you obviously want to see your company be a success; with growth, sales, clients, and an amazing brand.

However, some people get stuck in scaling their business because of the lack of finances to run paid ads, use a marketing firm, or hire more employees.

What if I told you that you don’t ANY of those things listed to grow a 6 figure business?

Organic marketing is the secret strategy to scale your business to 6 figures without having to worry about ROI on paid advertising. There are numerous ways to generate more revenue for your business by using organic marketing.

But which strategies are the most profitable?

I’ve listed the top 3 marketing strategies that you can start implementing TODAY to see returns.

Content Marketing

This is by far the fastest and easiest way to land your first and consistent clients for FREE. Creating content can do numerous things, but mainly it shows you are knowledgeable of your craft, can teach others how to do the same thing, and inspire people through your own story.

There is nothing more refreshing than knowing you can build your own audience to sell to by simply creating content on a daily basis.

Then the rest follows.

My 3 part content strategy focuses on the simple steps of: Educate, Inspire, Inform, and then ask.

The first three content pieces focusing on building rapport with your ideal client, showing them that you are an expert in your field and how you can help them solve the problem they’re having. 

The most important part of this 3 part content strategy is the ‘ask’. Now, many people may wait DAYS until a specific call to action for their audience, but that may cause them to lose interest. Therefore, always have a direct call to action at the end of each of your posts.

Hosting A Challenge

What better way to generate leads by hosting a challenge and having them participate in it? 

You can hold challenges on any of your social media platforms - Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Facebook Groups, or even email!

The most successful challenges run anywhere from 3-7 days, teaching a small part of your ‘process’’ to your ideal client so they get results even before they ever spend a dime with you!

When doing this, create a landing page or use a CRM to capture participants emails - this will allow you to follow up with your prospects after the challenge to book a free strategy session with them and close them as a client.

Creating A Lead Magnet

This is nothing new, but something that still works very well!

A lead magnet is something you create for your audience that is of value in exchange for their contact information - typically their email. Lead magnets can be anything from cheat sheet PDFs, training videos, short ebooks, or even free 15 minute strategy sessions!

The goal here is to gather emails and start nurturing them through an email sequence that once again… educate, inspire, and informs your ideal clients to take action in booking a call with you or buying one of your products.

The beauty of this is that you can create as many lead magnets as you want. Once you test a few, you will strike one that works like MAGIC!

The only thing that is stopping you from creating a 6 figure business is YOU! You don’t need any capital to start, all you need is a laptop, internet, and a solution to a problem you can solve.

Sabah Ali

Sabah Ali helps people clarify their message to attain new clients by personal branding and organic strategies. She is an expert at understanding consumer psychology and teaching others how to get clients by simple strategies. If you're interested in starting your own business or getting more clients, reach out and request a free strategy session today!
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